Hoodies Gifts For Man’s

Hoodies provide a feeling of comfort, warmth, light, and softness while you wear them at home or during lazy weekends. They are very useful while you are going out for a walk. For this reason, they have become popular because some other clothes are too tight and uncomfortable that becomes a hindrance for you to move.

Whether you should be wearing sweatshirt style in summers or not is entirely a choice you make on your own. Sweatshirts are designed to induce and absorb sweat, so they keep you warm while cooling you down slowly. Unless it’s scorching out there though, a sweatshirt is pretty much good to go! Know More about Gifts

Hoodies Gifts for man's

Hoodies get linked to death and destruction, as embodied as the Grim Reaper, executioners, and devils and demons.

Are hoodies out of style 2021? No. Hoodies are in fashion for 2021. However, the hoodie trend is in decline.

As such, the warm and loose-fitting garment is a modern menswear staple that every gent should own. While you can, of course, easily rock a hoodie around the house, you can also wear one as part of a cool, casual weekend outfit if you partner it with the right pieces.

Hoodies Gifts for man's
Here are the four most popular colours for customised hoodies:
  • Black. When it doubt, wear black. …
  • Grey. A calm colour, grey is as cool as it can get. …
  • Navy blue. Royal in look and elegance, a navy blue customised hoodie is a must in your wardrobe. …
  • Maroon. If you can’t wear red, then wear maroon.

The popular hoodie colours for man’s.

Though you may have spotted more men wearing hoodies in India, they are as popular with women as well. When it comes to colours, you will find hoodies in all the colours, from solids to mixed colours. Though shades such as pink and purple are popular with women, men too aren’t afraid to wear colours when it comes to hoodies.

Here are the four most popular colours for customised hoodies:


When it doubt, wear black. That is perhaps the reason the colour is so popular. Black is also elegant, formal and fun, all at the same time. For adventure enthusiasts, a black hoodie is an ultimate garment, as it facilitates your interest and never comes in your way by displaying stains or dust. You can pair it up with anything, jeans, trousers or track pants.

When paired up with a suitable jacket, black coloured hoodies can also be formal wear. A tip is to make it an all-black ensemble and step out in style as it is not only trendy but also apt as perfect winter wear.

Hoodies Gifts for man's


A calm colour, grey is as cool as it can get. It can be paired with almost all colours, and that is why it is one of the top-selling colours for customised hoodies in India.

Be it, lighter or darker shades of grey, the hoodie could be your casual or formal outfit as you would want it to be. Wear your grey hoodie with your blue jeans, and you are ready to rock your day.

Pair it up with a stylish jacket, and you could use your customised hoodie to better use. It is because of the flexibility it offers that grey hoodies are selling like hot cakes in India.

Hoodies Gifts for man's

Navy blue

Royal in look and elegance, a navy blue customised hoodie is a must in your wardrobe. Today, the colour is such a rage that navy blue is the new black! It is also a soft shade that you can pair it up with myriad colours such as white, blue, cream, beige, peach, grey and more. Navy blue hoodies are also apt for all occasions. Wear it when you are out with friends, or on your road trip. You can also make it your companion when trekking or on a pleasure trip. It will never disappoint you, and yes, it looks stunning in selfies as well!

Here is a tip. Wear your navy blue hoodie with a denim jacket and blue or black jeans. The denim and your hoodie may be blue variants, but the textural difference will lend a stylish appeal to your look.

Hoodies Gifts for man's


If you can’t wear red, then wear maroon. It is not as bright as red but is as attractive and appealing. Those who hesitate to wear red, but need an attractive colour for casual or formal outings can try maroon.

It is not just a great colour for women, but men too are wearing it with utmost confidence. No wonder, maroon hoodies are so popular. The colour also looks great on all skin tones, particularly the common Indian skin tones.

You can pair it up with white, black, blue or grey pants. Make it an all-maroon outfit and pair up with a military jacket, and you are ready to attract admiring looks from all around.

Denim or beige jackets also go well with maroon. And for shoes? The sky’s the limit. You can wear white or black leather shoes or sneakers to complete the look. Snow boots also look stylish with maroon hoodies. If you are a Ranveer Singh fan, try maroon boots to go with it!

Hoodies Gifts for man's
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