It has been a year and a half since this deadly coronavirus has affected our daily lives and uprooted us from our normal routine lives. The quarantine has changed the life of individuals for the better rather than worse as it helped rekindle relationships between each other. It even helped forge new bonds.

Thus, it is necessary to praise the most important star of the quarantine: moms.Mother’s had it pretty difficult, let it be working moms or stay-at-home mothers, juggling all the tasks one after the other was pretty difficult and they could handle it single-handedly.

Therefore, we have brought some amazing gift ideas for you this mother’s day for all the amazing women out there-

The five senses gift- It might sound weird to imagine a five senses gift, the sounding doesn’t sound just right but these might be amazing gifts and by far the most deserving ones.These five senses gift heeds to all the five senses that are seen, hear, smell, taste and touch.

1. Visual (See)

It is such an amazing sense to view the beautiful world as a camera, thus giving your mother a book from any genre that she would love to read and make a cute greeting card or a bookmark accompanying it which your mom can see whenever she feels like will make her day. It is also important to give her some time for herself. It will give such a well-deserved break your mom needed.

2. Auditory (Hear)

Listening can bring back nostalgic memories so this mother’s day just jazz up the house with songs of her times and let her take in the melody also give her the room to relax and just have fun carefree. Try helping her reconnect with her childhood friends by arranging a kitty party.

3. Olfactory (Smell)

It is such a wonderful feeling when we smell the rain falling on the pavement. It is such a sweet memory, gift your mom a home-cooked meal by her mother, the aroma that takes her back in time or buy her a favourite perfume that she longs for. You can even light the house in sweet-scented candles and have a calm soothing background music to help her relax. You can even give her a colourful bouquet that smells refreshing.

Chocolate Truffles

If you’re tired of the usual chocolate gifts, you can opt for something a little fancier. Chocolate truffles are luxurious, sophisticated and downright delicious. Get a mix of beautifully decorated bonbons in different flavors. These sweet treats are the perfect dessert to end a great date night.

4. Taste

For all the moms who have a sweet tooth, try baking homemade cheesecake or chocolate cake available on our website. You can even gift her a bottle of wine for an amazing dining experience, surrounded by candles all around a beautiful candle-lit dinner.

5. Touch

It is such a sensitive sense but giving your mom a quilt of her childhood or that which belonged to her mother will bring out the little girl within her. It will be even best if you give her practical gifts like soft cushioned pillows or planners that might help her with her work or chores. But, I would like to conclude that a big hug from her children is the best gift ever.

What are waiting for then? Go and make your mom feel really special on her day.

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